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Title : preferential scheme of freight reduction and exemptionClick Count : 299    Add Time : 2020-02-28    
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After the company's research and decision, we will make the following explanation for the freight discount and exemption of related products:
1. Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai implement the policy of package transportation and self pick-up, and conduct product appearance inspection at the logistics site. If there is any appearance damage, please take photos to communicate, otherwise it will be deemed that there is no quality problem in the appearance (the total value of the goods is not less than RMB20000 , except for the parts purchased separately);
2. In addition to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, the freight subsidy policy is implemented in China, and the specific subsidy scheme is reported and implemented by the sales personnel;
3. Domestic and foreign trade orders are only responsible for production, packaging and container loading (or bulk goods contact logistics), and do not undertake transportation and enjoy the freight subsidy policy;
4. Domestic supporting manufacturers implement rebate policy instead of freight subsidy policy, and specific rebate matters shall be implemented according to the cooperation agreement;
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