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Title : upgrading of special application generator setClick Count : 283    Add Time : 2020-03-02    
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From the perspective of user experience and subsequent maintenance and repair of the product, the company's special generator set will adopt the design concept of deformable and free combination for RE development. The new model will have the following characteristics:
1. The maintenance of the product will be concentrated on one side of the oil pump;
2. Open the door of the company's special generator set, you can carry out ordinary maintenance, do not need to open the box;
3. The product is equipped with a responsible supply system, so there is no need to worry about the oil pump dropping after long-term non use;
4. The engine oil can be directly added by opening the cabin door without the help of other auxiliary tools;
5. Add oil drain interface, do not worry about oil fouling unit;
6. Add electromagnetic battery switch, which can be directly controlled by button;
7. The control system is located at the side of the oil pump, and the power-off shutdown is adopted at the same time, so the requirements for operators are simpler;
8. The inlet and outlet air is separated, so there is no need to worry about dust falling in the cabin;
9. It can switch between ultra quiet generator set, on-board ultra quiet generator set and marine ultra quiet generator set freely;
10. It can switch from integral type, split type, front row air cooling, lower exhaust air cooling and remote exhaust air cooling;
11. Increase the cooling function of engine oil to fully improve the service life of the unit;
12. The utility model has the advantages of lower noise and smaller volume, and is especially suitable for the use in the narrow space;
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