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Title : configuration information of sicote belt power systemClick Count : 322    Add Time : 2020-03-02    
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The power supply system of power take-off generator is generally used in the engine driven vehicles such as propaganda vehicles, caravans, yachts, military vehicle command system, communication vehicles, public security command vehicles, yachts and pleasure boats, etc
The power supply system of power take-off generator is a power supply system driven by drive belt. It can provide pure output sine wave AC power at any speed, and it can provide stable AC power continuously without independent maintenance. The product is sold in more than 40 countries in the world, and is widely used in the Netherlands, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Australia and other countries and regions
Product features of the company:
1. Strong power, can provide 10kW AC power continuously
2. The conversion of power generation and shore power system can be used when the engine is not working
3. The energy storage battery can be directly used when the engine is stopped
4. Self regulation and self-protection function can effectively protect the safety of energy storage battery
5. It can be used seamlessly with generator set and solar panel
6. It is economical to use, no maintenance, no waste of fuel, just the use of excess power in the process of using the engine, and does not increase the fuel consumption of the engine
7. Self developed voltage regulation system and inverter system can provide stable power supply voltage support
8. In case of product quality problems, the policy of only replacing but not repairing shall be implemented
9. It doesn't need the electromagnetic excitation of the car, and it doesn't need to consume the power in the car in the process of use
10. High power, small size, light weight, sustainable long-time output, highly stable perfect sine wave AC
11. Compared with the internal combustion generator, this system does not need to reserve the installation space of water pipe, radiator, etc
12. Strong anti electromagnetic interference ability, in line with national and international standards
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