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Service Promise

Service Promise
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Diesel generator set warranty repairs and claims provisions

A quality guarantee period
1. diesel generator set from the factory date twelve months or crew running 1000 hours, the end of one of these two time limits to achieve that quality assurance.
The contract otherwise special agreement subject to contract.
Second, the quality assurance of free maintenance range
User should be in accordance with the generator sets and ancillary components (including engine, generator) Use and maintenance manual requirements for normal use and maintenance, product quality assurance of failure by the service engineer or authorized personnel (including the supply vendor personnel permitted) test due to failure caused by quality defects or assembly of the product itself, I am responsible for free replacement parts or maintenance.
Does not belong to the scope of quality assurance during the free maintenance:
Transport their own installation and maintenance works damaged by direct person in charge of compensation.
2. to be demolished without the consent of the Company.
3. without the damage caused to the Company agreed to change the product without structure or unauthorized installation of other devices.
4. do not follow the product manual installation, maintenance requirements for installation, maintenance and damage.
5. Fails to product specification stipulates that the use of models and brands improper, can not guarantee the quality of lubricating oil.
6. Fails to use models, product specification provides brand properly, can not guarantee the quality antifreeze.
7. Fails to maintenance requirements, timing replace the oil filter, diesel filter, air filter.
8. unused product brochures under the oil filter, diesel filter, air filter.
Fourth, the responsibilities and obligations of the Company
The company commitment to quality assurance free maintenance during the period of direct costs, do not bear the resulting overheads and indirect losses.
Taking into account regional differences, our service response time in different parts of the contract in accordance with the development of different response time included in the contract areas.
Responsibilities and obligations of the corporate users
1 user is responsible for the use and maintenance in accordance with the requirements of the specification.
Save a true record of the use and maintenance of all operating, not fraud.
Assist service engineers or authorized personnel (including the supply vendor personnel permitted) check and determine the cause of the malfunction.

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